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Time: 3-10 Minutes

Frequency: 2-3x A Week

Why Take A Cold Plunge

In as little as 3 minutes Cold Plunges can increase your dopamine production by more than 250% as well as increased adrenaline of nearly 500%! That is more than alcohol, sex and caffeine! While it may not feel as good as those there is no crash & no comedown. You will be alert, happy & focused for hours to come!


In less than a 5 minute session your body’s metabolism will skyrocket and over the next 4-6 hours your body will burn up to 800 calories. Not only that but it will begin turning White Fat (bad fat) into Brown Fat (good fat). 


During your cold water submersion your body will begin redistributing blood to protect your internal organs from extreme cold. After stepping out of the Cold Plunge your body will begin to recirculate this blood into all the areas with the most inflammation. Think of it as a heat seeking inflammation missile!

When to take a cold plunge

There are many misconceptions about when a cold plunge should be performed…luckily we have a team of fitness experts who can guide you through the proper time to perform your session!



Do a Cold Plunge prior to cardio 

Do a Cold Plunge after cardio 

Do a Cold Plunge prior to lifting 

Do a Cold Plunge right as you wake up 

Do a Cold Plunge 4-5 hours after lifting 



Don’t do a Cold Plunge immediately after lifting 

Don’t do a Cold Plunge 1 hour before bed 

Don’t do a Cold Plunge prior to a Sauna 


If you have questions feel free to ask any of our staff and they will point you in the right direction!

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What to expect

From our changing rooms to the Cold Plunge room your entire experience will be private!

The first 90 seconds will be the hardest: in this time you will lose your breath, which is when the breath-work comes in! If you decide to give up this is where it occurs…if you can battle past this temptation you will make it. 

The second 90 seconds your body will begin to acclimate to the cold temperatures and you will begin to feel numb, your breath will have steadied and your mind will have calmed down.


If it's your first time our coaches will guide techniques to ensure the most “comfortable” experience possible. 

What TO Bring

Whatever you would jump into a pool with is exactly what you need for a Cold Plunge! At LiveColder we have towels so no need to bring your own!

We supply robes in the changing rooms for the walk back to the Cold Plunge room so no need worrying about anyone seeing you in your bathing suit…or your birthday suit. 


Can you wear your boxers? Yes! 

Can you wear your underwear? Yes! 

Can you wear your biker shorts and sports bra? Yes!


We only ask that you not wear:

pants, t-shirt or socks (you’d be surprised)

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