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$20 First Time Session


Relieve Sore Muscles

In 3 minutes of Cold Plunge your blood vessel constricts and slows the blood flow aiding in muscle recovery

Improve Mental Health

engaging in ice baths 3 times a week have shown to dramatically decrease stress while increasing dopamine and serotonin.

 Boost Immunity

Regular ice baths have shown to decrease the likelihood of infections and strengthens the immune system response to virus/infection


In ancient Greece cold water bathing was used frequently for the potential health benefits. The Greeks utilized water at varied cold temperatures to ease muscle fatigue/soreness and boosting their immunity.

Cold water immersion was used to treat skin disorders as well as muscle and joint dysfunction. They were also used as a tool for relaxation and were utilized much later in history with the Romans and Egyptians once the use of water therapy became more common.

Hippocrates and Plato, both revolutionaries in the world of medicine and philosophy were among the first people in history to research the impact of hot and cold water immersion, recording their benefits for the purposes of the general public.


Ice Bath benefits are cumulative; the more you go, the better you feel and perform!  

Cold Plunge!

When Cold Plunges a part of your routine, you can train harder, stronger and longer. Reduced muscle fatigue during exercise and controlled inflammation allows for less time needed to recover, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

Cryo for Athletic Recovery
Ice Bath for recovery

Clients who do Cold Plunges at least twice a week see significant increase in Brown Fat conversion from White Fat. This has been shown to control blood sugar and inulin levels leading to increase burning of calories. In other words...Ice Baths increase the effectiveness of your Metabolism. 

Cryo for Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weigh loss from cold plunge

Health and Wellness is more than diet and exercise; it is a lifestyle. Calm inflammation and optimize blood circulation to boost your health, NATURALLY, with Cold Plunges.

Ice bath for wellness
Wellness from Cold Plunge

 Test Yourself | Ease Muscle & Calm the Mind


Routine Cold Plunges aides in naturally controlling painful inflammation throughout the body. Cold Plunge has also shown to be a positive treatment for pain management by increasing blood to joints and muscles, quieting nerve receptors, and numbing skin and muscles during and after Cold Plunges. 

Cryo for Pain Management
Pain Management
Cold Plunge from Cold Plunge

Along with improving blood circulation post-plunge,

Cold Plunge boost nerve cell rejuvenation, resulting in improved focus, energy and mood. Clients have reported increased awareness and positive mood.

Cryo for Anti-Aging
Improved Focus
improved focus from cold plunge
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