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Time: 3 Minutes

Frequency: 2-3x A Week


Why try cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has many similar benefits to that of a cold plunge from the calorie burn, dopamine production and muscle recovery


Cryotherapy studies have been shown to burn as many calories as a 45 minute run, anywhere between 400-800 calories.


In just a 3 minute session 80% of your blood in your extremities (arms and legs) will be recirculated to protect your internal organs. After stepping out your body will begin to redistribute this blood back to the areas that have the most inflammation, aiding in muscle recovery, healing injuries and in some cases nerve pain. 


Cryotherapy has also been shown to decrease anxiety & depression symptoms by 67% when used at least 3x a week!

when to do cryotherapy

There are many misconceptions about when cryotherapy should be performed…luckily we have a team of fitness experts who can guide you through the proper time to perform your session!



Do a Cold Plunge prior to cardio 

Do a Cold Plunge after cardio 

Do a Cold Plunge prior to lifting 

Do a Cold Plunge right as you wake up 

Do a Cold Plunge 4-5 hours after lifting 



Don’t do a Cold Plunge immediately after lifting 

Don’t do a Cold Plunge 1 hour before bed 

Don’t do a Cold Plunge prior to a Sauna 


If you have questions feel free to ask any of our staff and they will point you in the right direction!

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what to expect

One of the many questions we receive at LiveColder is: “how does cryotherapy compare to a cold plunge?”


Cryotherapy is going to be -250 to -300 degree air being blown into an isolated chamber which targets the entire body for 3 minutes. 

Your session will start at -40 degrees and progressively get colder and colder until reach temperatures between -120 and -150.

Unlike a Cold Plunge there is no initial shock rather a progressive intensity. All sessions will last no longer than 3 minutes.

what to bring

We provide everything you need for your cryotherapy session!

Robe, Crocs & Socks

Gentlemen need to be wearing underwear, sports shorts or boxers at the very least.

Ladies unlike gentlemen can go completely unclothed or may choose to wear a sports bra, underwear/biker shorts.

The ideal is to have as much skin showing as possible in order to get the most benefit from your session!

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