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$20 First Time Session


Deep Tissue Relief

Infrared Sauna Combined with Red Light in just 30 minutes increases complete blood circulation aiding in full body recovery

Soft Tissue Healing

During your Red Light Infrared Sauna session the natural heating of your body will increase collagen density, aid in skin aging and tightening.

Lymphatic Draining

Regular Sessions have been shown to increase lymphatic drainage which decrease swelling, congestion and allergy symptoms

HISTORY OF Infrared Sauna:

John Harvey Kellogg first use of radiant heat saunas with his incandescent electric light bath occurred in 1891. He claimed that it stimulated healing in the body and in displayed it 2 years later in 1893 at Chicagos World Fair .

Its key was not depending on the heat in the air to heat the body but the ability to produce a sweat at lower temperatures than traditional Turkish or Russian baths. The idea became extremely popular, particularly in Germany where "Light Institutes" were set up. King Edward VII of England and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany both had radiant heat baths set up in their various palaces across Europe.

The modern concept of the infrared sauna was in the 1970s in Japan as Waon "soothing warmth". 


Infrared Sauna benefits are cumulative; the more you go, the better you feel and perform!  

infrared sauna, red light, sauna

When Infrared Sauna is a part of your routine, you can train harder, stronger and longer. Reduced muscle fatigue during exercise and controlled inflammation allows for less time needed to recover, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

Infrared for Athletic Recovery
Recovery for Infrared

Clients will burn 4% of their body fat over the course of a month when using infrared sauna at least 3 times a week. Each session can burn anywhere between 300-600 calories. Results may vary depending on the individual diet and exercise level.

Infrared for Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Loss for Infrared Sauna

Health and Wellness is more than diet and exercise; it is a lifestyle. Calm inflammation and optimize blood circulation to boost your health, NATURALLY, with Infrared Sauna.

lotus wellness for relaxation
Wellness Lotus Relaxation Infrared Sauna

 Relieve Soreness | Improve your sleep & recovery


Routine Infrared Sauna aides in naturally controlling painful inflammation throughout the body. Infrared Sauna has also shown to be a positive treatment for pain management by flushing toxins from joints and muscles, quieting nerve receptors, and numbing skin and muscles during Infrared Sauna sessions. Many LiveColder members suffer from Autoimmune Disorders such as Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis, as well as Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.

infrared for Pain Management
Pain Management
Pain management for Infrared

Along with improving blood circulation, Infrared Sauna can boost collagen levels and stimulate cell rejuvenation, resulting in improved skin tone.  Clients have reported increased ability to sleep and relaxation

infrared for anti-aging
Improved Sleep
Improved Aging Infrared
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