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Time: 3-10 Minutes

Frequency: 2-3x A Week

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Why try localized cryotherapy

Localized Cryotherapy is a targeted therapy aimed to reduce inflammation, decrease soreness and alleviate pain. 


Similar to cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy uses -250 to -300 degree air, however it is used to focus on small areas in need of more direct attention whether its ankle, neck, back, legs, etc. 


Localized cryotherapy is similar to icing a location but rather than 32 degree ice you are applying -300 degree air to the region expediting the healing process and reducing pain in less than 5 minutes. 


When to do localized cryotherapy

Unlike cryotherapy localized cryotherapy does not have the same rules of execution.

Localized cryotherapy can be performed before or after working out regardless if it is lifting or running, swimming or biking. This modality can be performed any time of day or night. However after strength training we do not recommend targeting the specific area that you 


While we do recommend trying localized cryotherapy after a sauna session rather than before although the impact on recovery is negligible and will have no noticeable effect on your experience. 

What t expect

What to expect

During your Local Cryotherapy session you can expect for it to feel very similar to placing an ice pack on the area...just much colder!

This session will last 5 minutes and your skin temperature will reach roughly 40-55 degrees. You may begin to feel your skin tightening and the feeling of "pins and needles" as your skin drops in temperature

What to bring

There is no specific attire that you have to wear when performing a localized cryotherapy session! 

The only thing that we would recommend is that whatever area you would like addressed is accessible! For example, if you would like to have your knee focused on we would ask that you wear shorts so that we may have easy access!

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