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Time: 20-30 Minutes

Frequency: 2-3x a week

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Why try leg compression

A majority of the veins in our legs only go from north to south meaning that much of our blood never makes it back to our heart, when blood circulates to the heart it allows for the blood to be oxygenated. This can cause blood clots, varicose veins and other health complications


Leg compression however will push the blood from your feet, up to your calves, to your thighs and push your old “dirty” blood back into heart circulation and help prevent the above mentioned conditions.


Compression therapy is not only for preventative health but also aids in lower body recovery time whether it is running or lifting! 


When to do leg compression

Compression therapy can be performed prior to or following a workout. 


We recommend that if doing a compression session prior to a workout that you keep the intensity low and short (20 minutes). 


Following a workout feel free to crank the pressure up and extend your session to the full 30 minutes. 


Compression is also very beneficial to perform prior to long drives or flight to aid in the circulation of lower body blood flow that is bound to be restricted during travel.

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What to expect

Compression therapy while it may not involve heat or cold like our other modalities is one of the most valuable we offer! 


Your leg compression session will last 25 minutes and begin with a slow tightening of your feet that will progress up your leg to your calf and then your quad. Every 20-30 seconds the compression boots will release allowing for the blood to settle and you to relax, after that short break they will compress again restarting the process of redistribution of blood. 


At no point during the session should you be in pain, nor should it be comfortable for the entirety of the session. Expect for your legs to begin to feel like they are falling asleep towards the end of the therapy, once they begin to fall asleep this is when you know that you may end the session, even if it is early

What to bring

There is no need to bring anything specific for Leg Compression! 

We do recommend that you wear shorts rather than pants but other than that wear whatever you would like!

If you are completing a cold plunge or sauna prior to your session we have robes you can wear!

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