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$20 First Time Session


Blood Flow

Increase Blood flow in the legs and redirects blood to the areas in the most need. Whether it was leg day or a long run.

Prevent Varicose Veins

Blood in our legs flow only one direction, Leg compression ensures the decreased risk of blood build ups occuring.

Reduce Inflammation

Leg Compression sessions maximize recovery plans and ensure that soreness and inflammation are kept to a minimum following exercise

HISTORY OF Leg Compression:

Although the simplest, Leg Compression therapy happens to be the most modern of our services provided behind only our Cryotherapy! 

In the 1950's Conrad Jobset, a German runner, discovered that by wearing compression socks it alleviated a massive amount of pain from the varicose veins in his feet. The socks created pressure on his muscles, bones and joints and ensured that no jolting or shaking would occur. 

The Compression technology soon found itself in the athletic industry in the 1980's with many athletes wearing "compression sleeves" to alleviate pain, increase blood flow and even combat injuries.  Allen Iverson iconically wore a compression sleeve for his bursitis-stricken right elbow and support for his shooting arm.

This technology can now be seen across almost all sports and has made its way into the recovery industry with our ReAthlete Leg Compression Sleeves.


Leg Compression benefits are enhances your other recovery services, results are compounded!

Reathlete Massage Leg Compression

 Lay Back & Relax | Relieve Soreness & Leg pain

$20 First Time Session

When Leg Compression is a part of your routine, you can train harder, stronger and longer. Reduced muscle fatigue during exercise and controlled inflammation allows for less time needed to recover, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

Massage for Athletic Recovery
Recovery Massage Therapy

Leg Compressions has been shown to increase blood circulation and allow for quicker recovery time. This process allows for muscle recovery and protein synthesis to be boosted and increase muscle definition in the lower body after repeated use.

Massage for Weight Loss
Muscle Definition
Muscle for Massage Therapy

Health and Wellness is more than diet and exercise; it is a lifestyle. Calm inflammation and optimize blood circulation in the lower body to boost your health, NATURALLY, with Leg Compression.

Wellness for Massage Therapy
Wellness massage therapy

Routine Leg Compression aides in naturally controlling painful inflammation throughout the lower body. Leg Compression has also shown to be a positive treatment for pain management by flushing toxins from joints and muscles in , quieting nerve receptors, and numbing skin and muscles in the legs during and after Leg Compressions sessions. Leg Compression has also been shown to decrease risk and improve symptoms of Varicose Veins

Massage Therapy for Pain Management
Pain Management
Pain management from Massage Therapy

Along with improving blood circulation, Leg Compression can boost and stimulate cell rejuvenation, resulting in improved skin tone in the lower body.  Clients have reported increased ability to function and relax with less leg pain.

Massage Therapy for Anti-Aging
Aid in Leg Blood Flow
Leg Blood Floow
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