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Time:  30 Minutes

Frequency: 1-4x a Month


Why get a cryofacial

Cryofacials have been shown to boost collagen production in the face allowing for our skin to stay more elastic and slow the process of aging down. During a session your skin will also tighten and begin to eliminate wrinkles, scarring, sun spots, acne and other blemishes on your face. 


Unlike many other forms of facials a Cryofacial doesn't dry your skin out, make it more oily nor does it hurt! It's non-invasive and is fine for any skin type!


Your skin will become noticeably tighter, clearer and healthier within just 3 sessions!


When to get a cryofacial

Cryofacials can be performed any time during the day!


We do recommend however that you have not performed any facials that incorporated exfoliation as your skin may be extra sensitive to the cold air. We also recommend that if you perform a sauna session that it should be prior to your cryofacial.


Cryofacials should be performed 2x a week optimally and after ample sessions 1-4x a month for maintenance. 


What to expect

LiveColders Cryofacials incorporate different modalities to approach your treatment:

1. First 10 minutes will be Red Light Therapy to start boosting collagen production and get the skin prepped for cold therapy

2. Second 10 minutes will be frozen gua sha to reduce inflammation, relax your face muscles, tighten your skin and aid in clearer, more “glowy” skin.

3. Last 10 minutes will be our state of the art cryotherapy that will blow -275 degree air on the face to put the finishing touches on boosting collagen production and improving the overall appearance and longevity of your skin! 

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What to bring

There is no specific attire that you have to wear when performing a cryofacial! 

All you have to do is layback and relax during your session. We have complementary robes should you want to get undressed and into a robe to enhance your experience

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