Monthly Membership and Cryo Session Packages
LiveColder Cryo Scottsdale

Whole Body Cryotherapy with LiveColder

When you LiveColder and make cryotherapy a part of your health and wellness routine you will continually feel the benefits from increased oxygen and nutrient supply to the areas of the body that need revitalizing. Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy are cumulative; the more you go, the better you feel! Live Happy. Live Healthy. Live Colder!

LiveColder Cryo Membership


$79 Two Cryo Sessions

$149 Six Cryo Sessions

$299 Unlimited Cryo Sessions

- Monthly 2 - Add On Sessions = $25

- Monthly 6 - Add On Sessions = $20

- Extended Membership Only Hours

- All Unsused Sessions carry over

- Sessions Never Expire Until Cancel

À La Carte Packages

Living Colder

$325 Ten Cryo Sessions

Sessions Never Expire

Try Colder
First Time Intro Package

$49 Two Cryo Sessions

Second session expires after 30 days