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$20 First Time Session


Breaks Down Fat Cells

In a 3 minute Session Localized Cryo will initiate a process called: Cryolipolysis. Which begins to break down fatty tissues in the targeted area

Mental Enhancement

Cryotherapy can boost serotonin and dopamine 250%. These endorphins will trigger your opiate receptors and reduce pain perception

Muscle Recovery

In just 3 minutes Localized cryotherapy will target spot inflammation, increase blood flow and bring oxygenated blood to the areas in need! 


Since Egyptians were first recorded to have used ice and snow to treat pain, injuries as far back as 2500BC, cold exposure treatments, such as ice baths, have been used for a variety of wellness purposes.


During the 1970's in Japan, Dr. Yamuchi started what is now known as Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), for rheumatoid arthritis patients.  He noticed that when the skin was exposed to the fast decrease in temperature, there was an immediate release of anti inflamatories and endorphins, lessening the sensitivity to the pain felt during the movement of their joints. Over the next 10 years, his clinic treated over 2000 patients with rheumatic disease, reporting 80% returned to a more normal life with less pain.

WBC is now a practiced cold shock treatment throughout the world including most of the U.S.  It is commonly found in health practices and professional sports training and rehab facilities.


Cryotherapy benefits are cumulative; the more you go, the better you feel and perform!  

 Calm Inflamation | Function & Feel your Best

When Cryotherapy is a part of your routine, you can train harder, stronger and longer. Reduced muscle fatigue during exercise and controlled inflammation allows for less time needed to recover, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

Cryo for Athletic Recovery
Cryotherapy recovery

Clients will burn calories during and for a short period immediately following cryo sessions as your body initiates thermogenesis in order to heat itself.  Many clients also experience an increased metabolism after routnine WBC, as thermogenesis triggers the burning of mitochondria rich brown fat cells within the body.  Results may vary depending on the individual diet and exercise level.

Cryo for Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Cryotherapy weight loss

Health and Wellness is more than diet and exercise; it is a lifestyle. Calm inflammation and optimize blood circulation to boost your health, NATURALLY, with cryotherapy.

Wellness from Cryotherapy
Wellness from Cryotherapy

Routine WBC aides in naturally controlling painful inflammation throughout the body.  WBC has also shown to be a positive treatment for pain management by flushing toxins from joints and muscles, quieting nerve receptors, and numbing skin and muscles during cryotherapy sessions.  Many LiveColder members suffer from Autoimmune Disorders such as Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis, as well as Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.

Cryo for Pain Management
Pain Management
Pain Management from Cryotherapy

Along with improving blood circulation, Cryotherapy can boost collagen levels and stimulate cell rejuvenation, resulting in improved skin tone.  Clients have reported increased energy levels and a tightening of skin.

Cryo for Anti-Aging
Cryotherapy for anti-aging
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