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Benefits from redelivery of oxygen and nutrient rich blood throughout the body

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Pain Management

Relieve sore muscles and joints and reduce inflammation to calm certain types of autoimmune disorders

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Minimize muscle fatigue during and soreness following exercise

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Cryotherapy is the ancient practice of using extreme cold temperatures to advance natural healing and wellness throughout the body.  Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), at LiveColder in Scottsdale, is the modern enhancement of cold exposure treatment, amplifying the experience and effectiveness.  We use state of the art technology to expose the body to extreme cold (-200ºF+) for 3 minutes 

LiveColder Advantage

  • Affordability

  • Convenience - No appointments necessary

  • 5 changing rooms with clean robes and socks for every session

  • Impact Cryo Technology


Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna available by appointment

LiveColder Cryotherapy Testimonial

the Cryotherapy experience at LiveColder is head and shoulders above other spas and Health Centers that offer cryo. Whether you are visiting for recovery or as part of your health and wellness routine, you will know you have come to the right place.


Cryotherapy Testimonial

my ACL is shot. I'm putting off surgery, and coming to LiveColder Cryo is the only thing that helps relieve my pain. 


Cryotherapy Testimonial

As a professional dancer, I'm always on the move and constantly beating up my body. Cryotherapy minimizes my soreness and helps me recover quickly so I can get right back at it.