Full Spectrum Infrared Suana

Far and Near infrared with Red Light technology, to both contrast and compliment the benefits of cryotherapy

Benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared

Unlike traditional saunas that heat surrounding air to produce sweat, far infrared technology heats the body directly, at lower temperatures, to slowly raise core temperature enough to stimulate sweat glands in the deep tissue where toxins reside.  The LiveColder full spectrum infrared sauna adds the benefits of near range wavelengths and Red LED's (Red Light Therapy) to stimulate cellular energy production in the soft tissue and skin. Cells operating at peak function in all of these areas allow your body to operate more efficiently, minimizing pain and inflammation, boost immunity, and improve skin appearance.

FAR INFRARED - Deep Tissue

  • Detoxification

  • Blood Pressure Reduction (Relax)

  • Weight Loss


  • Inflamation

  • Pain Relief

  • Muscle Recovery

RED LED's- Epidermis

  • Optimal Skin Health